Chicago doesn’t have the reputation for sleeplessness that New York does, but don’t be too quick to throw shade. The Midwest hub is home to more than 70 late-night bars (for better or worse). And while there’s no shortage of reliable, ‘round-the-clock diners in these parts, there’s also no reason to limit your options to blintzes and benedicts on the weekly. To help ensure Sunday morning doesn’t hurt quite as much as it could, here are nine spots where seriously good food is served past midnight — because some good things do happen then.

Ramen-san — until 1 a.m.

When 1 a.m. is around the corner, it doesn’t get much better than a buzz, a beer and a bowl of ramen — unless, that is, you throw in fried rice. Rotating flavor combinations, from shrimp and kimchi to carnitas and corn, make their way to the menu at this River North noodle shop each weekend until close. 59 W. Hubbard St., #2; 312-377-9950;