Get to know wine professionals long enough, and you’ll find out the bottle that “changed their life,” expanding their mind and propelling them into the profession. But what about a bottle they’re thankful for, a bottle transporting them to a cherished place and time?

Wine is, in some ways, a time travel device — our senses can send us back almost instantaneously, no DeLorean needed. Instead of tapping local sommeliers for their “perfect pairing” suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner, we asked them to recount a bottle they’re grateful for, one that inspires a memory they hold dear.

Stories have been edited for clarity.

Richard Hanauer, wine director, RPM

My parents are the ones who got me into wine. My mom is the greatest cook I’ll ever know, and my dad has kept an incredible cellar all my life. When I started pursuing my career in wine, they were there supporting me all the way — pulling wines from the cellar, studying it, pairing with food. Before I was born, they had bought this case of 1966 Chateau Lascombes Margaux and only open it when I’m there. The aroma and flavor immediately evoke the feeling of gratitude. It’s a treat to share such a wine that marks just how proud and supportive my parents are of me and my career.