Stay warm, cozy, and well-fed while you get work done

When working remotely, the “at home” part is purely optional. That’s why so many places that double as office spaces have popped onto the scene—to cater to the modern, remote worker. Whether you take inspiration from a quiet, distraction-free setting or thrive amid a bustle of activity, there are plenty of locales that let you get out while (successfully) addressing the tasks at hand.

Beatrix {multiple locations}

Plug in your laptop at any Beatrix location—Streeterville, River North, or Fulton Market—if only for the signature lattes and house pastries. Doling out steaming mugs of Intelligentsia and Metric Coffee, Beatrix boasts two of Chicago’s most famed roasters. Fuel up with crowd-pleasers like the Honey Cinnamon Latte, the Maple Matche Latte, or the Iced Banana Joe. Looking for something with a little less punch? The fresh squeezed juices and wide array of teas will do the trick. Add on something sweet from the pastry case or an endurance bar if you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. Surrounded by sofas and cozy chairs, tuck yourself away in a corner for some serious distraction-free studying or find your surge of inspiration plugged in at the coffee counter. No time for a lunch break? Order the Crispy Kale Salad or the Prime Burger right to your “desk.”