Celebrity chefs are just like us. They put their pants on one leg at a time. The only exception is that their pants are professional chef pants and ours are Dockers or some kind of trendy jeans that will be out of style in six months. Since they’re like us, they have favorite NFL teams as well as go-to tailgating foods. Do you enjoy chicken wings and blue cheese dip before your favorite team takes on its bitter rival? So do you your favorite celebrity chefs.

We asked some of our favorite celebrity chefs to tell us their favorite tailgate foods. They were kind enough to provide their answers thanks to the Taste of the NFL as it kicks off (get it?) another season of raising both awareness and funds during its season-long Hunger Challenge, an annual fundraising competition for fans of all 32 NFL markets. Their goal is to raise money for each team’s local food bank. One hundred percent of the money raised goes to local communities. To donate to your favorite NFL city, visit www.kickhungerchallenge.com.

Mychael Bonner

Bonafides: Chef and partner at Lettuce Entertain You

Favorite Team: Chicago Bears

Favorite Tailgating Food: “Charred spicy Italian sausage with bell peppers, pickled sports peppers, and mustard. It’s my favorite because I grew up with that kind of food as a kid and it reminds me of eating street food and going to carnivals. It’s a great a dish for when you need something substantial to fill you up. This dish brings back memories of having a great time with my family and being outside, getting ready to go watch a football game.”