The poke craze has officially reached a fever pitch in Chicago, with variations of the Hawaiian fish dish popping up on menus all over town. From designated poke shops to restaurant menus, here are the nine best poke bowls, and in some cases nachos and tacos, in Chicago right now.


The newest entry to Chicago’s pokescene is this delivery-only restaurant from the sushi masterminds of Naoki and the Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises group. Developed from the simple idea of bringing the freshest, fastest fish to Chicagoans all over the city, ASAP Poke features the proven handiwork of chefs Tim Hockett, Naoki Nakashima and Hisanobu Osaka. Together, they’ve compiled four signature bowls and a build-your-own option. With sushi-grade fish choices like hamachi, salmonand tuna (plus gingered beets for vegetarians), potential elements include quinoa tabbouleh, brown rice, soy beans, watermelon radishes, tomato salsa and tobiko. Delivery is available for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday, and orders can be placed via the restaurant’s website.

Oyster Bah

Why settle for one poke when you can have two? Lincoln Park’s nautically minded Oyster Bah doubles down on fresh fish with its aptly dubbed Poké-Poké dish, which features both ahi tuna and king salmon along with avocado, ginger and sesame.