With new bars popping up seemingly each week and last call at 4 am for late-night spots, Chicago is a city just made for partying. Whether you want to drop a cool few hundred on bottles of champagne or enjoy dollar beers at a small dive bar, there’s a range of options for all tastes.

Of course, everyone has a different style when it comes where they like to eat, drink, and dance. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to the best nightlife in Chicago based on what kind of vibe you’re looking for.

Best Tiki Bar: Three Dots and a Dash

This may seem oddly specific, but trust me—it’s worth checking out Chicago’s best tiki bar for the experience. Three Dots and a Dash offers a wide range of cocktails served in traditional tiki glassware, complete with the requisite flower and fruit garnishes. Because the venue is actually below street level, the lighting here is a bit dim any time of day, so it’s easy to lose track of time here! Choose from more than 200 different rums to customize your drinks.