A slice of pie

Pies atBub City

Between the bourbon, a live-music stage that would be easy to hop onto and the very disturbing mannequin of a cowboy urinating in the women’s bathroom, the Melmans’ latest hit is a place where one could make a lot of bad decisions. Here’s one you won’t regret: ordering a slice (or six) of chef Doug Psaltis’s pie for dessert. The lemon-meringue and banana-cream are incredible, but the Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight—made with Valhrona chocolate ganache and housemade peanut butter—is positively insane, a marriage of comfort food and unimpeachable finesse. Psaltis’s secret: his wife, Hsing Chen, the former pastry chef at the Peninsula, who he says taught him everything he knows about pie. 435 N Clark St (312-610-4200).