San Francisco-based firm releases hospitality predictions including Food Trend of the Year and Cuisine of the Year

Af&co., a San Francisco-based consultancy, released the 12th edition of its much-anticipated hospitality trends report.

The 2020 report, put together by the company’s trend hunters, is titled “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Navigating the Unfamiliar Landscape of Today’s Hospitality Industry.” Company founder Andrew Freeman said the survey, based on nationwide research, reflects the fundamental shifts in the industry.

New rules apply, and those who “act boldly” will fare the best, he said.

“In times of uncertainty, creative leaders thrive. Our hospitality trend predictions will encourage restaurants to think and act boldly in a new and unfamiliar world,” Freeman said.

The 2020 report includes Food Trend of the Year, Cuisine of the Year, Dish of the Year and business trends impacting the industry.

Take a look at the gallery:

 “Jerusalem bagels aren’t bagels at all, but similar to simit, a sesame seed topped Turkish flatbread, with an elongated ring shape. The texture is softer and more bread-like then your basic bagel and it is used more for dipping than for schmearing – traditionally in olive oil and za’atar,” the report states.

The unconventional bagels are large and served with a variety of unexpected dips such as za’atar and olive oil.

Restaurants to watch: Aba in Chicago, shown, Breads Bagelry in Brooklyn and K’Far in Philadelphia.