We’re so obsessed with red meat in this city that even our non-steakhouses have great steak. Here’s where to find it.

Chicago has lots of steakhouses, and it seems like they just keep multiplying. In fact, there might be a new one growing in your closet right now that you don’t even know about. Basically, this city’s love of cow meat is legendary, and the more places we can get it, the better.

Your classic Chicago steakhouse usually has a few of the following things: a downtown address, giant booths, an entire menu section devoted to potatoes, a name involving two words and an ampersand, and/or dressed-up servers who give you a little lecture while brandishing a huge tray of raw beef. And while we have a lot of love for these places, eventually you’ll have bankrupted yourself by eating at all of them, or you’ll just need to get dinner with someone who doesn’t understand the appeal of sharing a 167 oz. bone-in ribeye and three gallons of creamed spinach.

That’s when you need a secret steakhouse – a.k.a. a place that isn’t technically a steakhouse on the surface, but still serves excellent red meat. Here are 13.


RPM Italian

You probably have a favorite RPM restaurant the same way you have a favorite twin from Sweet Valley High. The difference being that sometimes you’re forced to decide between having your special night at RPM Italian and RPM Steak. Well, unlike its counterpart that rarely has pastas, RPM Italian always has a few steaks on the menu (like the bone-in ribeye and the filet), and they’re reliably great. For the record, the filet is totally what Jessica would order.