CHICAGO HAS ONE of the best dining scenes in the country, with some extremely talented chefs doing really creative and innovative things. It’s also a city of exquisite views with a world-class skyline set along a gorgeous blue lakefront. So what could be better than combining that incredible food with those great views? Here are our picks of the restaurants with the best views in Chicago.


Modern commodities trading was born at the Chicago Stock Exchange, and the city is still the most important in the world in that game. Those traders have a gourmand’s taste in dining and the bank accounts to pay for it — and they can find that world-class food without even leaving the building where they work. Everest, a Michelin-starred restaurant on the 40th floor of the Exchange building, has been serving refined French cuisine alongside a stunning view for over 30 years. While a private elevator takes guests up, Everest is open to the public so anyone can dine there.