As evidenced by crowds at places like Au ChevalKuma’s Corner and Shake Shack, Chicago is clearly a burger-loving town. But in recent years, the city has branched out beyond beef when it comes to that burger obsession, as more and more restaurants implement meat-free options between the buns. Chicago’s veggie burger scene is more robust than ever, as chefs exhibit creative alternatives using a wide range of vegetables, grains, sauces and garnishes. Here are 9 veggie burgers to try right now.

Credit: Lindsay Widdel

M Burger
One of the best (i.e. most convincing) versions of the Impossible Burger can be had at M Burger, a local mini-chain with a penchant for upgrading fast-food comforts. While the veggie burger may look similar to the beef patties, and seem juicy and meaty as well, this 100% plant-based option provides a healthier alternative. It’s got all the classics: American cheese, lettuce, pickle, onion, tomato and M sauce.

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