Watch top-shelf cocktails made without even leaving your table at these elite watering holes in NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago and L.A.

Tableside cocktail service is an old-school throwback that has reappeared at upscale barsand restaurants around the country in recent years.

It’s one thing to order a drink from the bar, but it’s another thing entirely to watch your drink being mixed up, garnished, and perhaps even injected with smoke from the comfort of your table. A recent example of this experience can be found at NYC’s Dante, where “The Martini Hour” cocktail menu recently debuted.

“Serving [drinks] tableside not only adds theater to the presentation,” said creative director Naren Young, “but the speed at which we can get it in front of our guests only makes for a more memorable experience overall.”

Here are some of the best tableside cocktail experiences you can check out in cities around the country.


Three Dots and a Dash brings a tiki vibe to Chicago, with the smaller, brand-new Bamboo Room tucked away inside focusing on classic tiki concoctions and rum cocktails. 

The Kona Coffee Grog is based on a drink originally conceived of at Don the Beachcomber in the 1930s. Pour-over coffee is lit on fire and poured over rum, honey, coconut, and orange, as customers enjoy the fiery show.