Fall in Chicago is officially underway and, along with some sweater weather, it’s bringing along plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained. When you’re not working on your Halloween costume, you can hang out at an outdoor pop-up bar with its own corn maze, spend an evening at the opera, see Gorillaz at the United Center or sit down for a meal at a restaurant that serves unlimited Alaskan king crab and burgers. Get out your calendar and start plotting out a month of parades, concerts, festivals, theater and art exhibitions with our guide to Chicago best October openings.

Now open

Oct 10
Crab Cellar

Situated below Oyster Bah in Lincoln Park, Crab Cellar serves unlimited Alaskan king crab and prime burgers five nights a week. Belly up for the gut-busting experience, which goes for $59.95 per person.