Chicago has been holding on to warm weather a little longer than usual this year, with temperatures still occasionally in the 70s, but it is, in fact, fall. And a change in season means a change in cocktails, moving away from the berries and melons of summertime to autumn’s apples, spices, and, for better or worse, pumpkins.

Restaurants and bars around Chicago have been switching up their drink menus to showcase their favorite fall flavors and spirits. Here are a few to check out.

The Nor’ Easter at Oyster Bah

If you’re looking for a brighter take on a fall drink, this is it: rye and real Vermont maple syrup, lightened up with an egg white, ginger beer, lime, and chamomile bitters. It’s a bubbly take on a whiskey sour that will go down easy and remind you of fall with every sip.