Yes, the single life can be a bit pathetic and lonely at times. You head out to the bar, thinking you’re going to find some hot dude or girl to flirt all night and even (if things go great) hookup with.

But instead, you end up eating an appetizer for three all by yourself. Same, I’ve been there before.

Truth is, the single life can be fun and thrilling if you know where to go! Not all bars are exclusively for meeting attractive, single, people.

Luckily, I got your back, my single friend, for singles must stick together.

We gave you bars to get laid at, now here are six best bars for those who are single and love to mingle.

Bub City

435 North Clark Street

Okay, yes it’s a BBQ restaurant. And ribs, dripping in sauce, aren’t the neatest thing to eat while gazing around for potential prospects. But, I promise this bustling spot is a great place for singles. Bub City has an energetic atmosphere, brought in by their live country music and karaoke nights. It’s more of a relaxed atmosphere than Slippery Slope, more opportunity for conversation than drunk makeouts, which is still great, depending on what you’re into.