With COVID-19 (rightfully) cautioning some diners against eating indoors, restaurants with beautiful outdoor-dining spaces are well positioned to capture appetites and serve as a dose of eye candy during a lingering meal. Some restaurants put as much focus into designing their outdoor-dining spaces as they do their interiors. In doing so, they sidestep what everyone else is doing—such as cookie-cutter picnic tables and heat lamps—with truly custom spaces flaunting eclecticism and elegance. Just like decorating an elegant room, interior design elements such as lighting, upholstery, furnishings, tableware and landscaping are all carefully plotted for a sensory experience. In some cases, outdoor dining is another jewel on the eatery’s necklace, with design so strong it can easily stand on its own, while other times it functions as a seamless blend to what lies inside.

Contending with harsh weather elements is no longer a design barrier thanks to artful firepits and heat lamps, combined with—to provide shade in the blistering sun—proven, ages-old concepts like pergolas, and mature trees. At night, under the glow of glittering lights, sconces, or chandeliers, a truly custom space reveals itself in a new way.

From New York City to Southern California, and Miami Beach to Seattle—not forgetting heartland destinations like Chicago and Minneapolis—here are the 13 of the most beautifully designed outdoor dining destinations in America.