Believe it or not, Hollywood’s not just a place where movies get made and sex tapes get “leaked” — it’s also a neighborhood jam-packed with places to get your chow on. Yes, you may have to navigate tourist-riddled Hollywood Boulevard or spend 15 minutes trying to wedge yourself into a tight parking spot on Sunset, but these days it’s worth braving all of the above to indulge in inventive Japanese cuisine from a Nobu-trained chef, extravagant prix-fixe menus that actually live up to their price tags, and a carnivore’s utopia helmed by Curtis Stone. And since it’s Hollywood, you might — just might — have a literal brush with fame if your dining neighbor’s a Franco or Jolie-Pitt (or you saw your server play Night’s Watch Guard 3 on Game of Thrones). Star power aside, here are 30 Tinseltown restaurants to keep on your Walk of Fame list.

Stella Barra

Lively pizzeria with thin-crust pies and booze
6372 Sunset Blvd

Headed to see the new Spider-Man in the Cinerama Dome after your meal, but you only want to find parking once? Head first to Stella Barra next door, with great Neapolitan pies topped with the freshest ingredients. The starters and salads are no slouches, either, if you’re going for that whole “balanced meal” idea.