Clams, oysters, lobsters, shrimp and the list goes on and on. There’s something about food from the ocean and other bodies of water that people are drawn to. Perhaps it’s the variety of delicacies that harbor your plate, or maybe it’s the brininess of every bite that reminds you of sandy beaches and radiant skies. Equally, for chefs, there’s an immeasurable amount of diverse dishes that can be prepared with seafood. There are waves of opportunities, and creativity is the only boundary.

Seafood lovers are fortunate that Chicago is a city where east meets west. The “Central Coast,” if you will, is home to some of best seafood restaurants in the country. Many places fly in fresh seafood daily so whether you like it raw, grilled, boiled or fried, be sure to check out some of the best seafood this city has to offer. Listed in alphabetical order.

Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

The steaks don’t ever disappoint but stone crabs are an equally vital partoftheJoe’sexperience. This decadent surf and turfcombinationisbefitforany occasion and the result of a collaborative venture between Lettuce Entertain You and Miami’s iconic Joe’s Stone Crab. So even though there are still a few weeks of winter left, you can pretend like you’re on spring break in South Beach, at least for one elegant meal.

Oyster Bah

Lettuce Entertain You’s eatery evokes the feel of a New England seafood shack but the menu pulls from all over. Patrons can order pristine oysters from both coasts along with favorites like quahog stuffies, grilled fish tacos and fish and chips.

Shaw’s Crab House

Arguably one of the most popular seafood joints in the city, this River North favorite specializes in contemporary American seafood-fare. The ever-changing seasonal menu features one of the most impressive varieties of oysters and fresh fish available.