People appreciate a two-in-one. Case in point: reversible jackets, and the fact that Pert Plus still exists. So it’s understandable if, on a night out, you’re looking for the combination of a fun bar and a restaurant with great food. Especially in Chicago, where, for large portions of the year, we do everything possible to prevent going outside more than necessary. Here are 15 restaurants that also have a great bar scene.

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Sushi-san in River North has loud rap music, a long list of cocktails and Japanese whiskies, and an active bar area that’s full of people who may or may not be planning on having dinner here. But you don’t want to come here and not eat something – the sushi is high-quality, and reasonably affordable for the neighborhood. Plus, if you do decide to eat at the bar, you can get a handroll.


This place is a scene, but it’s a scene that comes with fantastic food and a beautiful space filled with plants, ivy, and lots of dressed-up people. There are two large bars, and a huge rooftop patio that’s perfect for hanging out over drinks. Most things on the Mediterranean menu are meant to be shared, and you can pretty much make a dinner out of all the spreads. Just make sure to edit yourself if you’re ordering food at the bar – six varieties of hummus can take up a lot of room.