After you’ve (ideally) spent two days gleefully ignoring responsibilities, the reality of a Monday can be hard. So it’s understandable if the last thing you want to do after work is cook dinner, let alone spend time in a crowded grocery store full of all the other people who neglected their weekend errands. But unfortunately, a lot of restaurants in this city are closed on Mondays. Here are 14 great ones that aren’t.

RPM Steak

Business needs to happen every day of the week (that’s the whole reason your alarm went off at 6am this morning), so maybe you’re entertaining clients. Head to RPM Steak for an impressive meal that will fit very comfortably on your corporate card. There’s a whole menu section devoted to wagyu and kobe, in addition to shareable small plates and seafood. Plus, the bar is perfect if your “client” dinner turns out to be just you and a steak. But you should probably plan on using your own card for that.


This River North spot is upbeat and busy, with music loud enough to help you pretend it’s Friday night. It also serves high-quality fish and is reasonably affordable for the neighborhood. The menu has a mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes, from fusion options (like a tasty octopus “taco” with a seaweed shell) to fantastic nigiri and sashimi.