You’re eating a lot more cookies. Not that anyone’s judging. The numbers simply show we bought nearly 600% more frozen cookie dough across Illinois the week before Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued the stay-at-home order.

Some may be stashed away. Though I suspect a few sugary spoonfuls will never see an oven. You shouldn’t eat raw dough, by the way, because eating uncooked flour or raw eggs can make you sick according to the CDC.

If you didn’t stock up and want to start from scratch, flour now seems to be selling out faster than toilet paper and hand sanitizer, perhaps in part from the demand of sourdough bread bakers.

Local bakeries and restaurants are adapting. Along with their regular menus, some are selling budget friendly cookie kits, some with royal icing and sprinkles.


Yasmin Gutierrez, executive pastry chef and partner at the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant, created the cookies with dough now available in six packs ($9) to take home and bake. Choose from chocolate chunk, butterscotch oatmeal and Nutella, plus house favorite flavors called Joy (chocolate and coconut) and Magic (chocolate, toffee, marshmallow and cornflakes). 519 N. Clark St., 312-284-1377; 671 N. St Clair St., 312-642-0001; 834 W. Fulton Market, 312-733-0370; 272 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook,

Summer House Santa Monica

Make one large or four minis from the cookie dough balls ($3 each) in chocolate chip, peanut butter flavors. The Lettuce Entertain You beach house concept restaurant in Lincoln Park never seemed to make much sense to me as a former Southern California resident, but we can all use a virtual escape right now. 1954 N. Halsted St.,