Those who consider their sweet tooth a blessing may often say, “Sure, I guess I can look at the dessert menu.” Alas, many desserts can be over-the-top sweet, or perhaps too traditional, making many diners abstain. But a few chefs and restaurants get sweets from an ulterior perspective, yanking savory dishes from the main event, twisting them through dreams of whirly pastry tubes, and plopping them onto the dessert list like a taco gone Animorphs.

Beyond Nestlé’s Choco Taco, these 12 sweet takes on savory dishes may encourage leaving room for that dessert.

RPM Italian: Sweet Burrata
The standard burrata bearer stays in the appetizer section of RPM’s ritzy Italian menu, but the prized cheese ball also found a reasonably priced vacation home — in desserts. Both dishes feature burrata from California’s Angelo and Franco, but the unusual sweetness (“so damn sweet,” says Chef Doug Psaltis) of this particular mozzarella encouraged the chef and his team to elevate that richness, as Psaltis churns to order the burrata, adds a dose of Kilgus Farmstead milk and a hint of sugar and stabilizer. The resulting cheesy gelato gets a sprinkle of sea salt, Tuscan basil, and “Neapolitan strawberries” — Mighty Vine tomatoes cooked down with vanilla and caramel.