Maybe you’re coming off an aggressive weekend filled with too much food and booze. Maybe Gene from accounting brought donuts for the office this morning and you had one too many. Or maybe you’re trying to fit into that pair of pants you intentionally bought one size too small. Whatever the reason, you decided you’d like to eat something “kind of healthy” for dinner tonight.

There’s no need to embark on a sudden 365 day juice cleanse. What we’re talking about is potentially eating some greens and maybe a nice piece of fish, rather than a burger and fries. Here’s where to eat something kind of healthy for dinner.

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Ema is a self-described California take on Mediterranean small plates. And we’re pretty sure there’s a California state law that says you have to eat kind of healthy. Ema won’t make you go full kale detox, but most things on the menu like a feta and olives appetizer, hummus and pita, or grilled octopus are on the lighter side. Even the protein options like kebabs are reasonably portioned without too much meat. Ease into being a slightly healthier you at Ema. And if you’re looking for similar kind of food specifically for an on-the-go lunch, hit the attached counter, Rotisserie Ema.

Summer House Santa Monica

California may have fooled the rest of the country into thinking kale tastes good, and that’s exactly why Summer House Santa Monica can exist. The (kale) salads here are certainly enjoyable, but so are the seafood dishes and food from the “Things We Love” section of the menu, like the quinoa and forbidden black rice bowl with green curry and veggies.

Shaw’s Crab House

Shaw’s is basically a seafood version of a steakhouse, and there are all kinds of excellent routes you can go in the fish department here. The place is great for a lot of occasions, and that includes eating kind of healthy as long as you don’t get distracted by a side of macaroni and cheese or desserts. Instead, stick to basic seafood options like plain shellfish or the fresh fish section of the menu that’s full of things like sautéed whitefish or grilled yellowfin tuna. Shaw’s will let you have a great dinner without totally ruining that diet you’re pretending to be on.