Let’s be honest: Las Vegas is divisive. You either love it or hate it, and there’s not much room in between.

If you’ve sworn off Sin City, it’s time to shelve your preconceived notions and see what’s in store. You’ll find there’s much more than the casinos, whether you want to hide out at the pool, eat and drink to your heart’s content, or get out of the city for an adventure.

But do yourself a favor: Do as we do, and get off the Strip at least once during your stay for a break from the non-stop action. It’s the key to keeping this city fresh and fun – even after 20-plus trips.

Here are 10 of our must-dos in Las Vegas (plus an honorable mention).

Mon Ami Gabi, and the Infamous Bellagio Fountains

It’s a two-for-one: Two of our favorites in one stop. Mon Ami Gabi at Paris is part classy French bistro and part steakhouse with a great ambiance for dinner.

It’s been there for roughly 20 years but hasn’t lost its flair, due in part to the reasonably priced steak dinners and its location: right across the Strip from the famous Bellagio fountains.

Many people overlook this location, making the false assumption that it is either too pricey, or overbooked. Price isn’t a concern, with many plates on the menu under $25. As for being tough to get in, just make a call in the morning for a reservation.

A bit of advice: Get reservations near dusk in the conservatory. They won’t take reservations for the actual patio, but they do take reservations for the glass-covered room nearby. Stay comfortable in the air-conditioned (or heated) room regardless of season! And just ask the host if there’s an opening on the patio when you arrive – maybe you’ll get lucky and snag a spot outside.