Gin might not necessarily be the first thing people think of drinking in the cold, dark winter months, but it’s not like there’s some rule book that says this must be so. “Gin is an extremely versatile spirit with qualities that inspire creativity in cocktail making year-round,” said Spaven. The truth is that there are some really good winter cocktails you can make with this clear, juniper-forward spirit, the key ingredient for classic drinks like the Martini, Martinez, and simpleGin and Tonic. We reached out to some top bartenders around the country to get their takes on gin cocktails that are perfect for winter, and easy enough for you to make at home.


Created by Kevin Beary, beverage director for Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago

  • 1.5 oz Plymouth Gin
  • .5 oz yellow Chartreuse
  • .75 oz fresh lemon juice
  • .75 oz almond orgeat
  • 1 whole fresh passionfruit

Method: Cut passion fruit in half and scoop seeds and pulp into a cocktail shaker. Reserve passion fruit shell. Add gin to the shaker and close. Shake seeds and gin vigorously in shaker tin for 2-3 minutes to release pulp from seeds, Strain gin passion fruit mixture with a fine strainer and reserve seeds. Combine Gin passion fruit mixture with chartreuse, lemon juice and orgeat.  Add 12 ounces crushed ice and shake. Pour into a footed cocktail glass and garnish. Fill the passion fruit hull with reserved seeds and top with yellow chartreuse. Serve alongside the completed cocktail.

Inspiration: “This cocktail, inspired by a classic tiki cocktail called the Saturn, is a bright and tropical gin cocktail with bold layers of complex flavor offered by the botanical profile of the gin and herbaceous qualities of the Chartreuse. It showcases the incredible tart flavor of fresh passionfruit and allows the guest an interactive opportunity to enjoy this unique ingredient.”