There’s a time and a place for eating healthy. There’s also a case to be made for indulging, abating hangovers and straight-up doing what you want. In that spirit, we’ve culled a list of our favorite fried foods. Whether it’s chicken you crave or a fried ramen burger you seek, there’s a gut-bomb that’s sure to match your mood.

Read on and drool over some of our favorites. Then check your calorie-counting at the door.

Ramen Burger at Tokio Pub

Sometimes you have a taste for a burger. Other times, nothing but a ramen burger will do. At Shaw’s adjunct Tokio Pub, a crispy noodle-based hand-held cradles a soy molasses-sauced beef patty, bitter mizuna greens and green onion. Go for broke and get a ginger mojito or yuzu margarita to wash it down.

Tokio Pub is at The Streets of Woodfield, 1900 E. Higgins Rd., #2, Schaumburg.