We love a good restaurant hot list, but many of Chicago’s true culinary gems—slinging tasty, soulful eats without the hype—are hiding in plain sight. From intriguing newcomers that have yet to explode to cozy, time-worn haunts, these 10 eateries might not enjoy the same attention of those occupying space on the West Loop’s white-hot Restaurant Row, but they hold permanent spots on our favorites list.

Naoki Sushi

Hiding in an old private dining room within the former Belden-Stratford hotel, this hushed sushi spot from Lettuce Entertain You and namesake chef Naoki Nakashima turns out impeccable sushi that redeems every mediocre takeout version you’d like to forget—albeit at a notably higher price. Sumptuous yet delicate highlights range from Murasaki uni with shiso leaf and watermelon radish to foie gras mousse (pictured left to center). There’s no wrong way to order, though you’ll appreciate Nakashima’s skill most via his sashimi menu of composed raw fish plates sauced and garnished to balanced perfection, like madai sashimi with shiso blossoms (pictured far right)—brightened with freshly grated horseradish of course.