Stripburger at El Segundo Sol


Burgers, Shakes & Cocktails

There are hamburgers – some might be okay, most are not – and then there are Stripburgers. Stripburgers are better because we work very hard to make them that way. We don't buy hamburger meat; Stripburgers are made from selected cuts specially chosen for flavor, juiciness, and leanness. It's always fresh – never frozen – and freshly ground throughout the day before gentle forming into Stripburgers.

Yours will be cooked to order and dressed for its date with you just the way you want it to be. But if beef isn't what's on your mind, choose a chicken sandwich, made with 100% natural breasts, or freshly cooked peel 'n' eat shrimp, fresh tuna, or the world's most-pampered pup, a great Wagyu beef hot dog with authentic Chicago red hot trimmings.

Stripburger also offers a selection of fresh American-style sandwiches, and the fries are just as fresh as the rest as the menu: hand-cut, skin-on, premium Idaho russets, cooked in trans-fat-free pure vegetable oil.



  • Stripburger - Las Vegas, NV

    Stripburger - Las Vegas, NV
    Fashion Show
    3200 Las Vegas Boulevard South
    Las Vegas, NV

    • Phone:
      (702) 73-STRIP (78747)
    • Fax:
    • Hours of Operation
      Sun-Th 11:00am-1:00am
      Fri-Sat 11:00am-2:00am