Trend Watch: Dim Sum Goes Beyond Chinatown

For the longest time, Chicago dim sum was confined to a few familial parlors in Chinatown. Aside from outliers like Shanghai Terrace, the rest of the city has been somewhat deprived of dumplings. Within just the past few months, though, new restaurants and dim sum programs have been popping up all over the city, and chefs like Stephanie Izard and Stephen Gillanders are putting their stamp on the timeworn tradition. Here’s where you can get some dim sum in Chicago these days. 

Credit: Intro

Ever the restaurant chameleon, changing concepts and menus every few months, Intro adopted a Chinese accent for its latest incarnation, including its first-ever Sunday brunch (through mid summer). Served family-style, the dim sum brunch includes tea service and sweet and savory bites like green papaya salad with tamarind vinaigrette, Chinese broccoli salad, five-spice glazed pork belly, coconut pancakes with maple coconut syrup and Chinese donuts with cinnamon and espresso milk. Chef Stephen Gillanders is also offering a dim sum cooking class series starting March 25, plus carryout and delivery. For the dinner menu, Gillanders collaborated with Intro alumni CJ Jacobson and Aaron Martinez on a selection of modern dim sum items, ranging from fried chicken bao and king crab soup dumplings, to black truffle egg drop soup and smoked butternut squash fried rice. 

By Matt Kirouac


(March 21, 2017)