The Condiments Our Favorite Chefs Can't Live Without

Here at GQ, we cover all things edible, whether it's about the best new spots, the diets of the fittest people on the planet, or even giving our resident Chicken Tenders Editora course in foodie-dom with Daniel Boulud.

But for some, the beauty is in the details. What do they actually use at the best restaurants in America? We're talking salts, secret spices, spatulas—if it makes the food at these places that good, we wanna know what it is. What kind of hot sauces do they turn to in a pinchWhat kitchen tools can they not live without?? In this part of the series, we ask: What is your favorite condiment to kick up a dish?

"Calabrian chiles are like the sophisticated Frank's hot sauce. They have a great acidity and spice that is right there on the edge of too spicy, but you keep eating. I use it a lot on our pizzas, pastas, salad dressings, roasted vegetables and cocktails—or just smear it on whatever I'm eating." —Jeff Mahin, chef and partner at Stella BarraM Street Kitchen, and Summer House Santa Monica

By Andrew Goble


(July 14, 2016)