Chicago Restaurants That Will Cater Your Wedding, 2016 Edition

When guests recall your special day years down the road, they'll remember a few choice moments. They'll remember the first glimpse of the bride during the ceremony. They'll remember the awkward silence after a wedding speaker bombs. They may remember who was crying. But forget all of those cursory and sentimental aspects: It's all about the food. Check out the list of Chicago-area restaurants that cater weddings. It's a diverse list that will satisfy even the burliest bridezilla or the grumpiest groom.

These caterers will work with your wedding venue and ensure proper delivery, set up and in some cases offer action stations where food is prepared on site or inside the venue's own kitchen. Listed in alphabetical order.

22. Nacional 27
Passed tapas, cerviche, cocktails and other items from 27 Latin American countries are available thanks to Nacional 27. They can even add Lettuce Entertain You's M Burger as a late-night snack.

By Ashok Selvam


(September 14, 2016)