19 Giardiniera Dishes to Try in Chicago

Giardiniera is a way of life in Chicago. The spicy pickled condiment, commonly a medley of different chiles and chopped vegetables, is perhaps most famous as a fixture for Italian beef. Recently, though, it's been on the rise as a vehicle for culinary creativity. Chefs across Chicago have put their own stamp on the local staple, making it in-house and serving it in everything from slaw to sauce.    

Chicken giardiniera at Saranello’s 
Inspired by the Italian translation of giardiniera, which means “from the garden,” Saranello’s executive chef/partner Mychael Bonner uses seasonal vegetables for his signature chicken giardiniera. In lieu of standard hot peppers, Bonner opts for roughly chopped fennel, sweet peppers, artichokes, Fresno peppers, cauliflower and carrots, all of which get brined and cooked into a sauce. It’s served over a Parmesan-crusted chicken breast, lending a nice bright crunch. 

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By Matt Kirouac


(July 5, 2016)