15 Outstanding Egg Sandwiches in Chicago

As the not-so-old saying goes, "put and egg on it!" The phrase cannot be more true than when referring to the breakfast sandwich. Whether it's a layer of bacon or ripe avocado, the addition of one sunny side-up or an order of eggs between bread or a bun means the morning will be off to a delicious start. Here are 15 stellar sandwiches, presented in alphabetical order, designed to satisfy.

5. Foodlife

With a name like Sacred Grounds, of course the Foodlife cafe takes its breakfast sandwiches seriously. The sandwich stars a hearty serving of scrambled egg, sharp cheddar cheese, and thick-cut bacon.

835 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611 
(312) 335-3663
By Sarah Freeman

Eater Chicago

(February 22, 2016)