11 Totally Outrageous Bar Snacks to Try in Chicago

With March Madness at its pinnacle, everyone’s chowing down on bar snacks this week. While chicken wings and nachos are all well and good, it’s a welcome surprise when bars go the extra mile with beer-friendly vittles. Considering its love of bars and sports, Chicago isn’t lacking for over-the-top bar snacks. From gourmet beef jerky to cheeseburger milkshakes, these are the 11 craziest (and downright best) bar bites you need to try in Chicago right now. 

Credit: Oyster Bah

Shrimp-cargot at Oyster Bah
This being a Boston-accented establishment, the newest menu addition would be more accurately dubbed a “bah snack.” Made just like escargot, the shrimp-cargot consists of little shrimps baked in escargot pans with copious amounts of garlic butter and herbs. They’re served with grilled bread for dipping and soaking up all of that garlicky goodness. 

1962 N. Halsted St.; 773-248-3000

By Matt Kirouac


(March 21, 2017)