10 Under-the-Radar Restaurants to Try Right Now in Chicago

From old standbys to new hot spots, keeping tabs on Chicago's bars and restaurants can be overwhelming. Considering the constant influx of movement and openings, it’s only natural some places slip through the cracks. So, while these 10 restaurants may not get all the fanfare, they deserve just as much praise.

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In the last couple years, Chicago has seen a welcome resurgence of fine-dining destinations like Oriole and Smyth. But don't forget about the O.G. Under the direction of dexterous chef Anthony Martin, Tru is as good as its ever been. It helped pave the way for the tasting menu and continues to exhibit culinary prowess through its famed caviar service and ever-changing lineup of beautiful, seasonal dishes. 
Must-order: Multicourse prix fixe


(October 4, 2016)