Linda McCall

Linda McCall

Divisional Supervisor at Big Bowl – Edina, Roseville & Ridgedale, MN
First Lettuce Job: Intern in the Minneapolis market

“…it’s all about finding a balance.”

First job ever: I was a cashier at Chuck E. Cheese's, then a party host, lead party host, and finally a shift supervisor.

Here’s what I love about my job: All the different people I meet on a day-to-day basis. Every day is different and I love the fast-paced environment.

After a busy shift, I really like to: Pour a glass of wine while hearing about my husband's day and sharing my day as well -- then watching the next episode of The Profit. 

Favorite "guilty pleasure" food: Sonic chicken tender sandwiches.

If you want a restaurant career, my advice is: Adjust your responsibilities and habits in your personal life to work around the hours. If you’re working nights and weekends, you can still “have a life” – it’s all about finding a balance. (Plus, if you’re running errands on a weekday, it’s actually easier because there are fewer people out and about!)