Five Questions with a Chef: Doug Psaltis

Chef Partner Doug Psaltis calls the shots and creates the menus for Hub 51, RPM Italian, Paris Club and recently opened, Bub City.

What’s it like creating menus for four different types of cuisine?
It's a lot of fun and also has some great challenges. It requires me to be really flexible. It takes a few minutes to change mindsets - but walking from location to location allows me to reset. I am lucky that each restaurant has a lot of character. They get my attention like children…the youngest tends to get the most!

Tell us about your leading ladies, Rhonda and Lucille…
Haha, yeah! They’re pretty great. Rhonda and Lucille are Bub’s two smokers that each hold 750 pounds of meat. We picked them based on their capability and their size. They are able to hold about 75 pork shoulders a piece. At 25 servings per shoulder, we can serve a lot of barbeque at Bub City. The names came from our geniuses in the kitchen...

What’s it like being married to a chef?
We are really simple cooks at home. We do homey foods - much less adventurous than what you would find at our restaurants. Roast chicken, steak and greens, or she will make some amazing Chinese food. As for going out…we are probably a lot pickier than your average guest.

Is there any added pressure working with celebrities, Bill and Giuliana Rancic?
No, there isn’t any added pressure. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do a great job. I see them as another great partner. They bring something new and great to the table. They have great style and are a great team.

Any guilty pleasures?
I love eating Nutella out of a jar. I long for eating pizza by the slice in NYC, late at night.