Questions About Paper Certificates

I have a Wildfire certificate; can I exchange it for a Shaw's Crab House certificate?

Certificates specific to certain restaurants can only be used at the restaurant listed on your certificate. Because these are complimentary certificates, they cannot be exchanged.

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I have an expired certificate, can I still use it?
Yes, in fact we enjoy seeing our old Lettuce gift certificates, it is a fun journey back in time for us!  We recently accepted a $25 gift certificate that expired in 1981!  Our customer Kenny Dexter had uncovered it in his basement when he sold his house. He redeemed it at RJ Grunts and enjoyed a Gruntburger, onion rings and double chocolate shake.

Please take a moment and look on the right side or the back of your paper gift certificate. There is a two letter code followed by a number. Using this information, please read below to determine what type of paper certificate you have.
CP = Complimentary Certificates This certificate will be honored even if there is a past expiration date printed on it.   
ZZ = Holiday Bonus = Holiday Bonus certificates  You have a promotional certificate. These do expire, however we are happy to extend your bonus certificates for the same period next year. The Holiday Bonus certificates are valid from January 2 through April 8, 2015 with the same provisions noted on the front or back of the certificate. Please visit the 'Contact Us' portion of the website, select Gift Cards from the drop down menu and let us know how many Holiday Bonus extension stickers you need and be sure to include your name and full address.
LL, FF, VV, OO or JJ = Cash Certificates This certificate is considered cash and will be honored by all of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurants without restrictions. These certificates are the pre-cursor to our plastic gift cards. Like the Lettuce Gift Cards, your certificate does not expire and there are no maintenance or non-usage fees so the value of your certificate will remain the same until it is used. There is no further action necessary to use these cash certificates. It is important to remember that, because the certificates are accepted like cash, they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

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