Mychael Bonner

Executive Chef/Partner of Di Pescara, Saranello's, Petterino's and the Ivy Room

Mychael Bonner returned to Lettuce Entertain You in 2005 after acting as the Vice President of Culinary Operations of Maggiano’s for 13 years.

A veteran of the restaurant industry for over 20 years, Bonner’s experience started when he was just a young child watching his mother and grandmother in the kitchen at The Peabody in Memphis. As a high school student in Muncie, Ind., Bonner began cooking at The Flamingo. He took such a liking to his job that he went on to attend the Culinary Institute of Chicago.

After graduating, Bonner began working as a Sous Chef at The 95th. After leaving The 95th, Bonner went on to travel around the world, experiencing cooking in places such as France, Italy, New York and San Francisco. In 1992, Bonner joined Maggiano’s and in 1993 became Vice President of Culinary Operations.

As a part of the Maggiano’s team, Chef Bonner opened 36 Maggiano’s restaurants across the United States. In 2005, Bonner returned to Lettuce as Executive Chef and culinary talent behind a new concept called Di Pescara. In 2011, Bonner worked with partner Mark Tormey on the Italian restaurant, Saranello’s, in Wheeling. "With the Saranello’s menu, I feel like I can truly connect with the food; we are literally making these pastas by hand every day. You can feel when they are ready."

Bonner prides himself on taking a clean and fresh approach to food, but still likes to keep pushing the boundaries. Fresh ingredients and culinary innovation pepper his every dish. He considers his role as chef paramount to the success of a restaurant, as his ability to work with the team at all times. As a team player, Bonner feels it is important for him and others to give back to the profession.

Bonner is married and has one daughter and one son. He currently resides in Orland Park, IL. Bonner enjoys spending time with his family and cooking Sunday dinner.