Jay Stieber

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Jay Stieber is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc (LEYE).

Jay joined the LEYE team in 1995 bringing a myriad of experiences.  As one of the partners of LEYE, Jay spends the majority of his time dealing with issues involving strategic and tax planning, real estate, governmental affairs, bank relations, investor relations and other legal matters. He has negotiated and been instrumental in most of LEYE’s many projects.

Jay has a BS in accounting from DePaul University, a JD from Northwestern University School of Law, and is a CPA and an attorney. He is a past chairman of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA) and is presently vice chairman of the National Restaurant Association (NRA). Jay is also chairman of the Restaurant Law Center.  He is also a board member of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce, its PAC and a member of the Economic Club of Chicago.

Originally from New York, Jay has traveled extensively throughout the world. Jay is married and in his free time enjoys golf, cooking his favorite gazpacho recipe and Northwestern University football.